Crystalline provides coaching for highly motivated, thoughtful individuals who are focused on increasing their productivity and effectiveness in all areas of their lives.


Crystalline coaching starts from the standpoint that people are deeply committed to being capable and effective.  The coaching taps into this commitment and enables people to see where they are living true to their aspirations and can fine-tune, and where they can expand their capabilities.


People use Crystalline when they are…

  • Transitioning in their life – a career start or change, a job move, retirement, a life event
  • Taking on a new accountability in their job or readying themselves for a new position
  • Creating and implementing practical, effective life, home and work habits
  • Interested in generating effective relationships within their communities of colleagues, associates, and friends
  • Aspiring to be the best person they can be
  • Seeking to reduce stress and create more balance in their life
  • Searching for greater purpose and meaning

Together, the client and coach set the goals and duration of the coaching, and determine ways to measure progress and results.  The coaching is designed to leave the client confident and in action, with a full sense of accomplishment and peace of mind.